There's a dead ____ on the floor.

by The Good Vibes

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released November 11, 2011



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The Good Vibes Boston, Massachusetts

"The Good Vibes" is a band.
"Palladin" is the band's only member.

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Track Name: photosynthesister
And at some point, it crashes...
It derails.
It bumps, and bangs. But there is no concern on my face.
All I tried to get for you was "class"!
but, I failed.
And now,
This train is CRASHING.
And the lily-pad flowers from the suitcase in the bin
above my head are falling so, slow. . .

My family will never know me.

Right before now, under the flaming ship; Right before now on this flaming ship.
My watch has seemed to stop...
I see what it was like to be a kid.
To see from the innocent eyes.
When I was a child I was lying on the floor, the phone rang and they said my sister's dead.
They called my mother and told her about this train.
Track Name: I Love Your Whiskers
Make a lot of money.
Grow up. grow out.
Beat your wallet to DEATH.
i will always be alone, if you need me.
don't leave me don't leave me here...
'Cause I'll die if i'm alone!

"do you really love what your talking about?
do you really know what your talking about?
you might have the room under wool but i don't give up that easy."

November diner.
gloves that are too hole-ey....
(I GIVE UP hope)
Track Name: John Cusack in Serendipity
I know just what you want.
I know just how to get it.
I know just what you need.
I know just where to get it.

Oh why, oh why, do you look at me like that?
WHY OH WHY are we singing awkwardly?
Magic powers will not save you.
It's time to grow up, I know I can help you.

I will go away.
I will help you by going away.
Monsters, Spaceships, Dinosaurs.
The Leaders to the Future fucking left us behind.
you're bringing us down, preventing us from growing,.
Anything good takes time.
Imitation is the biggest form of flattery.

But i don't care about that.

i am no longer embarrassed to show me i am alone.
It will just be timely if you take a second to tie your shoes so you don't trip.