Factory Made Feelings

by The Good Vibes

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released December 24, 2008



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The Good Vibes Boston, Massachusetts

"The Good Vibes" is a band.
"Palladin" is the band's only member.

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Track Name: The Apartment
I loved that apartment from the bottom of my heart.
Everyday a new story.
New neighbors that I don't know, and two roommates
that were so damn nice to me.

Buying groceries at market basket, getting in the fight.
Getting on the bike in the rain to go to my only job
my only thing to waste my time.
Never claim that time again....
I'm playing nintendo 64,
and there's somewhere at the door.
I'm alone but Im never alone.

It's almost fall I'm moving out,
This day is sad but
its okay its okay its okay.
Rachel O'Shea is gone.
Zach Fearon is gone
I'm gonna be gone

Britt is my best friend.
I'm her kind of friend.
Track Name: Song Britt Wrote
{Am, C, G, G}
Thinking too long, wasting my time.
For I will carry on, very strong; can't bring me down.
Don't wanna be busy, having to chase you down.
that girl's no good for me.... (just end on C)

{G, Em, C, C}
"Lying through those fake pretty eyes.
Sneaky out after we say goodnight.
My heart is in your hands. Still Beating.
That's not right. Rip out my chest. Do you feel alright?" {Just C, strummed and held three times}

{Am, C, G, G}
So I take it back.
'cause to you
my heart
don't mean jack.
how could you,
treat me like that?
Well now, now, now,
I took a new route.
'cause to me you're just
off the map...

{G, Em, C, C,}
My time is coming. Gonna be a rockstar.
Smashing you old mason jars, full of organs(?) , with my new guitar.
When I first saw you, I should have run.
Knowing the Grim Reaper didn't live to far.
Cause my hear can't stop for your time clock, wish you the best, but i don't feel badm your destructions could never be built up healthy or reconstructed.
Cuz I'm sure your still " "